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Tourtière – a traditional meat pie filled with veal, duck, pork and seasoned with quatre-épices in a puff pastry shell  

Trompe à L’huile – Rich yet delicate, sweet olive oil bread scented with orange blossom water and orange zest  


Figgy Christmas Cake – Gluten free and chock full of brandy soaked fruits, nuts, enrobed with marzipan and elegantly decorated with white rolled fondant

Chocolates – We have selected to feature world renown Chocolat Michel Cluizel, and present these fine pure chocolates, made with finest, pesticide-free cocoa. From 99% cocoa content to milk chocolates, and plantation selections, chocolate lovers will be tickled pink  

A place to start your day and to savour the taste of an authentically baked French pastry, an answer to your craving for a lunch that is unique, and a take out solution for your fast pace of life. Explore Mon Petit Choux Bakery Cafe where you'll find all of this and more
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